Why You Should Write a Will ?



If you fail to write a will before your death, the distribution of your estate will be decided by the government and/or by the courts.


Writing a will,  will save time, money and simplify the process of distributing your assets after your death. it will distribute your assets to your family (or according to your wishes) as soon as possible after your death, it will help them to avoid financial difficulties, unnecessary costs and emotional stress.


You can state how your property should be divided, provide for loved ones and favourites, determine who will receive your personal items, set up trust funds, and nominate a guardian for your children.


In short, when you write a will, you'll be able to designate: 


  • Who will receive your assets after your death.

  • The distribution of your assets after your death.

  • Choose an executor who will carry out the terms of the last will.

  • Who will be responsibile for the children if the other parent is unable to serve as the natural guardian.   ​



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