We make the process simple, convenient and provide you peace of mind because you will have an attorney for your business who will be there to answer any questions that you may have.


Essential Legal Services can provide assistance with the following registration services:

  • State filing fees

  • Name availability check

  • Preparation and filing of your formation documents with the state

  • Certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation or Organization

  • Basic Operating Agreements and bylaws

  • Tax ID number obtainment (opt out for lower price if not needed)

  • Registered Legal services




Creating and running a business in Morocco can be a very rewarding process.  It is important to set up your business with a mind to all of the legal rights and obligations that pertain to the various types of business entities that you can utilize. Morocco has a very business-friendly climate and many successful businesses have opted to start or relocate their businesses to Morocco to take advantage of the growing and developing markets that exisit.

Our Legal department is a network partnership. It is a full-service legal department with a strong focus on foreign-related legal matters. Our practical knowledge and rich experiences allow us to provide comprehensive legal services to all our clients domestic and foreign.

All Lawyers, CPAs, and tax professionals were educated in prestigious institutions in the UK and abroad. In addition to rich local experiences, most of our professionals have also worked overseas or in government-related legal organizations. To this extent, we are a professional organization that combines local knowledge and international perspectives. 


Real Estate Law Services


We can answer your real estate questions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in real estate-related purchases and property issues and are available to answer and act on any legal questions you may have.

We accept referrals from realtors and other lawyers due to our real estate experience and reputation. We offer prompt service for time-sensitive real estate deals.

Estate Planning

Your  wills make life a little easier for your beneficiaries. and save you time & money.

Business formation

We offer a one stop shop solution & can assist in answering questions on various types of company setups, bank accounts,accountants and more... 

Probate Services
Our attorneys can assist in Inheritance and winding up of estates. if you have had a death in the family and don't know where to start, please get in touch



Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, we can offer most legal services.

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